Sunshine Sustainability Fund Campaign


The building and grounds of the United Church of Christ, Midland are entering their sixth decade of use and development. As the building ages and the grounds mature, critical equipment replacement and grounds maintenance become an increasing necessity. To view planned and proposed projects and expenses, please see the campaign's projects page.

Campaign Q & A

Q. How much does the campaign need to raise?

A. To address these needs, the Board of Trustees recommends to the congregation that a pool of funds totaling approximately $50,000 be raised to provide sufficient money for both anticipated long-term capital improvements and other projects to replace failing equipment.

Q. What is the schedule for the Sunshine Sustainability Fund Campaign?

A. The time frame for establishing this fund is from the beginning of May to the end of June, 2017, so that projects identified for this year will have adequate completion time. The goal will be to replenish the pool of funds each year with free will contributions supplemental to the annual Stewardship giving.

Q. How is the Sunshine Sustainability Fund Campaign being defined and coordinated?

A. The Capital Fund Oversight Committee is defining the needs and timeline for the campaign while also coordinating with the Board of Trustees, Church Council, and Finance Team on Sustainability Campaign giving. With the goal of making it simple for both members and friends of the church, the Capital Fund Oversight Committee and Finance Team have created a Commitment form for the Campaign that is separate from the annual Stewardship pledge cards. This form is available online by clicking on the Sunshine Sustainability Commitment Form button below. To request a paper copy of the form, please contact the church office. If you want to adjust your commitment in the future, just fill out the form again. The Finance Team will make note of the latest one.

Q. How does the Sunshine Sustainability Fund relate to the church's General Operating Fund?

A. The Sunshine Sustainability Fund will be independent of the annual budget used for day-to-day church operations. Its purpose is to anticipate extraordinary expenses beyond the limits of funds available under the General Operating Fund. It is hoped that donors will generously contribute to the Sunshine Sustainability Fund while maintaining their regular pledge to support the annual budget.

Q. How do I contribute to the Sunshine Sustainability Fund?

A. Donations may be given as a one-time lump sum or by weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly giving commitment. Your contributions can be made either by cash or check, electronically online, or through gifts of securities, as explained below. 

For all giving methods, the Capital Fund Oversight Committee requests that donors also complete a commitment form to help us track progress. If you would like to do this electronically, you can click the Sunshine Sustainability Commitment Form button below. Paper forms are also available to be filled out and turned in to the church office.

Giving by Cash or Check: Special "Sunshine" envelopes will be available for cash donations; please fill out the information requested to have your donation recorded for tax purposes. Checks should be made out to United Church of Christ, Midland with "Sunshine Fund" or "Capital Fund" on the memo line. Checks can be placed in the offering plates during worship service or Sunday mornings, turned in to the church office during office hours, or mailed to the church at the following address:

United Church of Christ, Midland
4100 Chestnut Hill Dr.
Midland, MI 48642

Giving Online by Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) or Credit CardOne-time or recurring payments may be made through Vanco by clicking the button below. If using Vanco for the first time, you will need to have your bank checking or savings account information or you credit card handy. Please note that credit card gifts incur a 3 percent fee to process. Some UCC donors choose to add an additional 3 percent to their gift to ensure that the church receives the full benefit.

Gifts of SecuritiesYou can also give to the fund by donating shares of stock or bonds that have appreciated in value. This is a simple process handled by your broker. Besides the number of shares or dollar amount you wish to transfer, you will need the following details when speaking to your broker.

Receiving Firm: Cetera Financial Services     DTC Number: 0701
Receiving Account Owner: United Church of Christ, Midland, MI
Receiving Account Number: 2MB02054
Contact at Receiving Firm: Steven Ringgold, Chemical Financial Advisers

Be sure to tell your broker it is a charitable gift. If you have any questions about giving to the Sunshine Sustainability Fund with securities, please contact the Financial Officers

For tax purposes, gifts of securities will be recognized in the calendar year in which they're given. Your deduction will be based on the market value reported by your broker at the time of donation, but the donation value reported on your UCC contribution statement will differ somewhat due to sales commissions and market price when actually sold. The church recommends that you consult your broker or qualified financial professional with questions regarding gifts of securities.

The Sunshine Sustainability Fund Campaign A Success!


Thank you to all who have made a commitment to the long-term maintenance and small capital project goals for our church by contributing to the Sunshine Sustainability Fund.

As a testament to the generosity of our UCC family, the official campaign wrapped up on June 30, 2017 with an additional $5,618.00 in commitments beyond our stated goal!

This strong start has allowed the trustees to launch a few important maintenance projects this year. These include the exterior painting project that has been planned for the last two years, replacing the aging furnace in the classroom wing, and the possible improvement of exterior lighting in the parking lot and front circle. The commitments made thus far should see us through the anticipated and unanticipated building maintenance projects in the near future.

In July 2017, a dramatic illustration of the need for availability of Sunshine funds was the collapse of both the sanitary and storm sewers under the circle portion of our driveway. Although this caused a disruption in traffic, there was no damage to the church building and it is expected that the Sunshine fund will cover the repair costs. Nonetheless, it is important to remember that the possibility of other unforeseen maintenance issues reinforces the need for sustained financial support of the Sunshine fund.

Our plan for maintaining the Sunshine fund is:

  • to encourage ongoing support through periodic commitments

  • to create designated memorials

  • to allocate a portion of the annual budget developed through the fall stewardship campaign which can be supplemented, when necessary, by the Sunshine Sustainability Fund

Thanks again for investing in the church's future and helping to maintain the church’s firm foundation.

-The Sunshine Sustainability Fund Campaign Committee


Sunshine Sustainability Fund Summary