Social Concerns - Getting Involved on Your Own

This page lists Social Concerns activities sponsored by National UCC, the community, etc.


Support Our Immigrant Neighbors

The United Church of Christ encourages members to oppose the current US immigration practices and to write to Congress. Go to the following web page to see a statement of the national church’s position along with a simple form making it easy to email your US Representative and Senators.

Check out the, Support Our Immigrant Neighbors campaign to send a message to your member of Congress:

Individual action: Send a message to your member of Congress.

Contact: Jan Baumgras

UCC Environmental Ministry

Did you know that UCC ministers coined the phrase "environmental racism" and played a leading role in giving birth to the environmental justice movement in the 1980s?

During a six week campaign of civil diobedience in 1982, a movement was born that made national headlines and introduced the world to the issue of environmental racism. Learn more about this inspiring movement in which the UCC became the driving organizational force.

Environmental Justice and the UCC

To learn more about the UCC Environmental Ministry, please visit:

UCC Environmental Ministries

Council for Health & Human Service Ministries (CHHSM) is a non-profit association of more than 350 UCC-related ministries and programs engaged in primary and acute health care; services to persons with disabilities; children, youth and families; and the aging (continuing care and retirement housing). CHHSM offers a variety of services and products to enhance the ministries of its members and their relationships within the UCC.

For more information please contact:

Council for Health & Human Service Ministries
700 Prospect Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44115
866-822-8224 ext 2250

Health Care Equity

Because of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), many Americans now have health care insurance that will assist them in gaining access to health services - a great first step. Unfortunately, many of those who have insurance face access challenges in finding, locating, and getting to a health provider to acquire appropriate care from the health care system in a timely manner.

A variety of factors act as barriers when people are trying to access health care, including:

• Poverty
• Discrimination
• Education
• Social skills
• Language barriers

The ACA may offer a path for improving the health status of immigrants, racial and ethnic minorities, and other vulnerable populations, but until our policies address issues of health equity, we will not achieve our goal of making health care available to all people. What is Health Equity? Health equity concerns those differences in population or community health that can be traced to unequal economic and social conditions and are systemic and avoidable – and thus inherently unjust and unfair. Health equity is achieved when all people have the opportunity to attain their full health potential and no one is kept from achieving this because of their social position or other socially determined circumstance. For additional information including additional links to resources go to

Hold Congress Accountable in the Fight Against Climate Change

In spite of recent reports from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Control and the National Climate Assessment, the President and congressional leaders continue to deny any threat of climate change. Not only that, the Administration is actively taking steps to roll back environmental protections and limit the ability of the federal government to respond to climate change. Climate science demonstrates, and our lived experience shows us, global warming will most devastatingly impact low income and poor communities, as many will be displaced due to rising sea levels and the inability to grow food for their families.

As people of faith, we have a moral responsibility to pursue and sustain environmental justice for all life. We are called to be partners in the creation and redemption of the world.

Let’s take action now and demand a viable future for all who inhabit this beautiful world. Contact your member of Congress and urge them to stand against climate change and instead enact thoughtful and substantive legislation that protects the environment and shores up our nation’s ability to react to the changing climate. This can be done by joining the Climate Solutions Caucus, engaging in vigorous oversight of Administrative action or introducing and supporting legislation such as the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act.

Send the UCC approved email to your elected officials