United Church of Christ Midland provides access to all who choose to worship here.


Wheelchair Access

Space for wheelchairs is available in most places throughout the church. The only exception is the loft above the sanctuary. Wheelchairs are able to access the sanctuary, classrooms, hallways, fellowship hall, kitchen, and parlor. Wheelchair accessible bathrooms are also available. A small number of wheelchairs are available for use.

Handicap Parking

Parking is available in the church parking lot and along Chestnut Hill Dr. in front of the church. There are parking spaces for those with accessibility needs in front of the church. For more information on parking and directions, please see the contact page.

Large Print Bulletins

Bulletins in large print are available for worship service. Please see an usher for a large print bulletin when you arrive.

Hearing Assistance

Hearing assistance devices are available for worship service. Please see an usher for one when you arrive.

Worship Service Recordings

Audio sermons are also available to listen to on the Audio Sermons page (it will also play in browsers in mobile view), in iTunes, in Google Play, or by simply searching for, United Church of Christ Midland in your favorite podcast app for iOS or Android. Recorded audio versions of each Sunday's worship service are also available on CD. Please contact the church office for information on borrowing an audio CD for each service.